Virtually every one of our web creation clients decides to have us host their site. They know the care and time we put into creating their sites and know that this same caring will follow through to watch their site online every day of every month of every year.

We do not offer short term contracts like many full hosting business, rather we look for the client who is in business to stay and who tries their hardest to win what is a hard race.

Many of our relationships are many years old and we have watched some of them develop and nurture very successful businesses.

Our story is no spin and our story is very simple. We are there 24/7 watching over our client's sites like a shepherd does with their sheep. We are always there, when for one reason or another the site falls over, or the spam war nearly sends their site into the ozone layer with miles too much mail, or they wish to make a small address change in an urgent hurry.

Unlike hosting companies who just hire their space, we maintain a watch over all the sites and are on the ready for any problems that may arise.

If this is what you want with your site, give us a call and we'll talk about it.

It's a simple and quick process to move to us if you are unhappy with your current host (and many are).


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