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SydneyBiz.com has been in the IT and computer industry since 1976 when Micrsoft, PC's,Mac and all the wonderful effects of today were notr evenb thought of. Our first work was with telex style machine without keyboards which connected to main frams computers which took up whole floors of buildings. Yes that's where we started.

We went on to programminbg for the first of the desk tops such as the Commader PET, Vic 20, 64 and on to the firets 'luggables such as the Kaypro. Our IT experience and language skills grew with each move up in the evolution chain to Microsoft DOS, Windows 3, NT, 98, Millenium and then XP.

In the early 90's we were actively involved in the firts internet which was just text based and then became one of the first web site creators when graphics were introduced. Since then we have kept up with all the new fads and fx and today put many of them to work in our current sites.

In March 1988 our company was incorporated and continues to grow despite upturns, downturns and any other turns that come our way. We are a stable company run and staffed by stable people who present business in a professional way offering easy communication right through our relationship with our clients.

Our clients have ranged from some of the biggest companies in Australia to very small Ma and Pa businesses, associations and clubs. We welcome all on board our train.

Whether you are big or small we have a budget which would fit your project. Why don't you contact us today to discuss it and if you do happen to have a small budget, let us know at the beginning, so we don't waste your time. We will get straight to the point and present to you options which will surprise you.


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