Because the costs of running a business have become almost too much for the small business person, many are moving the business home and using the internet to promote and sell their goods and services.

It makes excellent sense. Why pay a landlord high rents if the customers are not crowding through the doors.

If you don't need walk by traffic, why suffer the high rents to be in a position where enough traffic walks by to keep you successful. You may as well have no or little rent and do it all from home or an area which is low rent.

For those that already do they have taken advantage of the excellent shopping carts and other ecommerce sites that are now available. LIke everything the costs range from cheap to very expensive and in a way this is one area where you get what you pay for. The larger stores have paid up to the millions to get their stores online whilst others get by with costs in the very low thousands.

We offer several styles of stores although there are some which are more popular among our clients due to their low cost but high functionality. Most of our clients wish to be able to add, delete and update their products themselves whenever they feel like it and the administration area of these stores is quite remarkable.

After we create the stores and add the first of the products, we give you a hard copy tutorial which will help you in mo time to be doing all you wished with your store. We walk you through the process and are always here to support you, in time of need.

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